Charge MP-3 Memory or Drive Space Taxes


Charge MP-3 Memory or Drive Space Taxes


Sometimes I wonder if MP-3 means Music Piracy three, it is a clearly and obvious piracy device and it is to the benefit of Apple and Microsoft to address this problem ASAP because the MP-3 boom was fun for awhile but if music cease to be produced due to non profit abilities, people will not be so attracted to MP-3 Players as much.


I hear Apple might start charging $.013 per song on an iPod, but I have a much better solution, perhaps we can charge a person a storage space tax as well, for every GB on the player at say $5 per GB storage space tax.  So an 80 GB player will cost an additional $400 to purchase, then in addition you pay $0.13 person on the player that is monitored by an electronic devise in the MP-3 players and iPods.  Some type of smart chip has to be put into the MP-3 Players and iPods to prevent further piracy and it should be a government regulation similar to Digital Signals to Televisions.  I think it is that bad.  This could save the music industry from the little monster that does huge damage to sales based on its storage capacities which must be addressed.


Answer to Message of the day:


If anyone believes in me I do.  I know what it is to believe in something that nobody understands and to steadfast to my position.  I just want everything to work out this time.  All I can do is take good advice and make my moves now while I can.  There is a difference between being afraid and cautious.  I was turned any in the past for this reason or that reason that cannot happen again.  As Janet moves around I am a man of routines, she knows where I am and how to find me. One day she is in California and the next in London and she tells me after the fact if at all.  I cannot run around like a chicken with the head cut off.  She has to make herself assessable to me.


Think for yourself and don’t let other people’s beliefs deflect you from what you know to be right. That applies especially to affairs of the heart and other one-to-one relationships. If majority opinion is against you, it means majority opinion is wrong.

With action planet Mars moving into your sign you will confront issues that had previously scared you with courage and confidence. For quite some time you have been running away from problems you felt unable to resolve. Now you will run right at them.



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