The Rise of the Underground by JDJJ

janet-rock-wit-chu-posterThe Rise of the Underground by JDJJ


What you think about the MP-3 Tax and blank CD tax and Underground Distribution Movement.  The question of law here is licensing people to sell CD’s in the same fashion as The Avon Lady Cosmetics. It would be a beautiful thing, door to door music sales in all the major cities, selling independent artist, the hell with store shelf space.  I think the Underground Distribution Movement with a tour deal under the umbrella of Live Nation would do Janet Jackson well.  And I think since Live Nation merged with Ticket-Master a CD should be sent to all concert ticket purchases included in the price of the concert ticket with a small shipping and handling fee to include $1 per handling to the artist being Janet Jackson and be counted as a sale.  With the Underground and Ticket Master and the new taxes she would easily sell over 5 million copies.  Also I heard Michael has over 750,000 concert ticket s sold in presale.  Is he still the King of Pop?


It would legitimize what is now a black market operation and create 1,000’s of jobs nationwide for the entrepreneur who could create their own cliental, work out of their home in some cases and enter into a business venture with as little as a few hundred dollars.  The artist can easily collect at least $1 per CD and the advertisement would be the Buzz on the streets.


Furthermore, I think marijuana should be legalized in California only as far as sales, made a misdemeanor to sale in all the other states and legal to buy in the whole United States.  There is rhyme to the reason?  It is a legal technicality to prevent  people from going to jail or losing their jobs over the use of this publicly accepted drug as it keeps the profits in the communities it is used in  as Federal Taxes are collected in California for the whole Union as well as state and local taxes for California who can use every dime they can get.


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