Taking Independent Labels to a new level


Taking Independent Labels to a new level


Usually the music album for an independent artist is a promotional tool and the product is the things it is used to promote such as a tours, gaining advertisement endorsements, getting the music on the airwaves and video games and commercials, because of the weak distribution of independent distributors as secondary clients to the record stores, the shelf space is regulated and therefore the sales expectations are lowered.  Janet Jackson, Prince and the Time Band as well as numerous artist who are independent now and unsigned artist like LL Cool J has to look for another ways to get their music to the consumers,


Now we have Live Nation who has joined with Ticket-Master, who is the number one concert promoter and the US and beyond, which should mean instant record sales tied to the sales of concert tickets through ticket master, then there is the idea of taking record sales to the streets in door to door fashion like Avon personalizing the music buying cliental.  The Underground Distribution Movement is a very serious consideration.  Yes certain logistical considerations have to be taken into account for sales accountability for tax reasons and chart positioning.


Why would a black market network be interested in a legitimate CD distribution operation that would raise the prices of the product to about $5 per CD?  Which is a far price because the packaging standards will be higher and similar to what you find in stores?  It should cost us about $1 per CD to record the album, and package it and distribute it, based on a certain amount of sales to create a breakeven point.  Our main costs will be in recording album with quality in mind.  That leaves $4 to split between the music production and record company in Janet’s case Black Doll and Flyte Tyme and the distribution network per CD.  A far split in such a case would be $1.5 to the record company and $2.5 to distribution and $1 to product development for and distribution, in getting the product to the consumer.  Out of the $1.5 one dollar goes to the artist and $0.50 to the production of the album personal, such as producers and engineers and so forth such as studio time.  In Janet’s case 2 million sales puts $2 million in Janet’s pockets from record sales alone a million to Flyte Tyme Productions a million to production and distribution costs of $2 million and $5 million split to the distributor down to the sales person.  Now this is just Janet’s CD. 


Now everyone will not sale like Janet, but the idea is that these sales persons will have diverse products and a long list of artist.  Is that a good enough reason to become legitimate?  I will take this a step further, I think inspirational and gospel music should be sold at the level of the Churches and delivered by the same distributors bring spiritual music to the steps of the churches supporting ministries and getting directly to the right cliental. Forget-a-but store shelf space, we can do this.  We are talking about 1,000s of jobs nationwide as well as numerous outlets.



Message of the day:

It does not matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, powerful or weak, you CAN reach your goals and you CAN make a difference in the world at large. Your birthday chart is brimming with inspiration – all it needs from you is a bit of perspiration.


If the more you try to figure something out the further away from the truth it seems to take you then, obviously, you are trying too hard. Sometimes the best way to get at the truth is to let it come to you. If you strive less you’ll learn more today.


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