Janet Jackson the guiding beacon of Music

celebsoutdinnerciprianirestaurantlondonjinvpnpofpal1Janet Jackson the guiding beacon of Music


Janet Jackson has always been competitive; she even competed against her brother Michael an artist in the stratosphere who is almost an untouchable in gangster terms.  But Janet went up against him anyway, I guess if you want to raise yourself to another level in music who else to use as a standard?  Personally I always liked the Jackson’s the unified family America Royal.  But foreign influences can turn sister against brother, but again maybe it was all tabloid bullshit, that she chose Jermaine Dupri over family.  I mean Jermaine is still posting articles about them dating from over months ago, meanwhile Michael and Janet is doing a duet together as she is working with Jam and Lewis on a new project, it sounds like Janet has her priorities correct to me.


Now there is the new record deal, not developing as fast as we want it to, but does Janet sit around in dismay, it does not look that way.  She is very focused on her new project as people try to assassinate her character because she refuses to be used for the promotions of a dead beat producer and publicity seeker, but not only that!


Janet the adversarial artist found a real adversary to be completive with the mainstream major music labels, she figures if she cannot join them she will simply take them on for market share and develop a real independent distribution protocol and take this mother to the streets.  As Janet unifies the real mainstream established artist being displaced by the new industry systematically into a monster independent artist machine, as the old cliché goes, “Let us wait and watch.” As they say “if you cannot beat them you join them,” but I say “if you cannot join them you beat them, because you can.”  It is all about survival and Janet will make her way in the industry.  I mean the Jackson’s are the royal family of entertainment! 


Answer to message of the day:


I am in the process of networking and as my plan was to network with old friends I am meeting new and interesting people.  It is a movement and perhaps the Underground Network will be a grassroots operation.  In any case we are trying to setup workstations and it is all good.


As for talk let them talk and philosophize as long as the maintain themselves, slang for keep their hands to themselves.  Nobody promised this would be easy, but why so damn hard?  What do they say, “Anything worth having is worth fighting for?”  But the last question I was asked was who are they!


You will have no trouble making friends and influencing people over the next 12 months – you’ve got the magic touch that puts others at their ease. Use it to get ahead in your work or career. You are capable of so much more. Don’t waste your talents.

You are in one of those moods where you don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks about you – in fact you will get a kick out of knowing that they think you are some kind of devil. You’re not, of course, but you’ll act as if you are, and you act so well.



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