Give me Janet’s hard times; let me not make her money

0815_fat_after_fame1Give me Janet’s hard times; let me not make her money


Just a short snippet, we are in the process of putting up a home studio for my nephews and their friends.  So I said there are hard times in the music industry now and they are not making much money.  His reply was let me have those hard times and let me not make any of that money.


I was once told I can change the world rich or poor, it does not matter if I am poor.  My reply was “walk in the shoes of the oppressed for just one day then reassesses your opinion.  Money is a motivator.”  People without a dime are saying Janet fell on hard times, but Janet is a fine entertainer that made a few strategic errors of judgment but still a fine entertainer in more than one way.  She was just among bad company.


Entertainment is based on discretionary spending, people are having trouble making their bills these days and many people are without jobs, more so than ever since the great depression; I tell you the truth hard times for Janet is a blessing for most people.

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