The Compact Disc Relevance

imag01953The Compact Disc Relevance


The Red Book Standard is basically two channel, 16 bit and 44.100 KHz sample rate and a bit rate of 1411.2 kbt/s, this is the basic standard of Audio CD’s you buy in the music stores and a lot of audio software programs deliver these CD standards.  The MP-3 on the other hand is usually about 128 kbt/s sample rate at about 1/10 the size of a CD.  The bottom line is about ten MP-3 recordings can fit on the space of one CD.  So why is a CD relevant when you consider the size comparisons?  A CD can be converted to a MP-3, so why purchase a digital download when you can purchase the physical media and convert it to MP-3 format and have the CD for backup and for better quality listening pleasures at home.  There is the question of law.  Is this process legal?  That is for the industry and owners of the copyrights to decide.


There are a lot of ways to get these programs to covert CD’s to MP-3’s from shareware which I usually stay away from unless the provider is a non profit organization operating on donations to avoid spy ware.  But companies like Magix MP-3 Maker, Cakewalk Pyro, Nero, Pinnacle Mobile Media Converter, Sony Audio Studio and more expensive professional software apps like Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge and the list goes on  all can convert Audio CD Red Book Standard to MP-3 format.


I admit I am guilty I bought my favorite artist on CD and converted them to MP-3.  But it is not all bad I did buy the CD legally, I have every album I am aware of made by Janet and many Michael Jackson CD’s, along with Prince, the Ohio Players, Earth, Wind and Fire, the Gap band, Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and I can go on and on, like the Jackson’s Destiny album brings back memories.  I rarely listen to CD’s but I have that option, I am a radio listener at home, when I am not doing work on my home studio.


The idea is that people can covert CD’s to MP-3’s making CD’s still a smart investment and to convince the industry to make hybrid CD/MP-3 Disc in the future for one copyright, whereby people can simply download a the MP-3 from the same disc as the audio  wave formatted CD.


Party with Janet

On my mp-3


#1: Pleasure Principle #2: Go Deep #3: What have he done for you lately #4: Feel so right #5: A Janet Mix (by me)  #6 All for you: #7: Rhythm Nation  #8: Alright  #9: R&B Junkie #10: The Knowledge #11: That’s the way love goes #12:: Miss you much #13: Luv #14  Love will never do (without you)  #15 Its Alright #16 Rock with U.


Answer to question of the day:

I lose 20 lbs every spring/summer just walking it is a good exercise and is safe, as I listen to my MP-3 player.  If I knew how to play tennis maybe, but stuff like basketball is out of the question, I am not getting injured being stupid.

A famous radio personality said something profound, he said, “Do what is hard while it is easy.”  Meaning start your own business while you have a job, start your business now.  Nobody makes it without failure, the question is do you get back up and try again or stay down 

You will have energy to spare over the coming 12 months and there are both positive and negative ways in which you can choose to use it. Sports and other competitive activities will not only bring physical benefits but emotional and mental advantages too.

Others may be full of enthusiasm for a scheme they believe is going to make them rich and famous but you have your doubts. According to the planets they are expecting too much of it, so don’t get caught up in their euphoria. The bubble is about to burst.




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