Do you really care about my needs?

dscn01392Do you really care about my needs?


Answer to Message of the day:


Why front I am in the station of life you all want me to be in, you want me to have just enough to help everyone but myself.  I have paperwork in DC that has been sitting there for years and I received a letter apologizing for the oversight and still no response. Bush handed out a pardon to everyone but me.  Everyone’s screenplay is being picked up but mine’s to include a dead man’s screen, so let us not go there, with the amount of money I am worth and what I have if I received 5% of what is mine’s I would be totally financially liberated.  So do not plays with me just do it without my asking, I am tired of begging for what is rightfully mine’s already?


And Janet, oh brother, she made me wait on a line and watch them allegedly pull a train on her, with all her long term relationships and marriages, how should I feel about that?  I asked her is she going back to Jermaine Dupri, I mean was the line long enough already?  A picture tells a thousand words, when you go to her web site at you might read some of my material but what do you see, her in his arms?  Like the chimp and bullets, the police and President Obama name, people was not reading the article; they were traumatized by what they saw.  A picture tells a thousand words so I have to work 1,000 times harder that him, is that fair?


I can go on about what is not right, but you know this already and basically do not give a damn, but you know already because it is your doing.  You all are still singing to the tune. “That’s the way love goes.”  You want me blind by desire, but give less than a shit about my feelings or needs. There are no secrets about what I want and is trying to do to by setting up the studio to my writers to being in the red financially, just give me a damn break, because you know you really do not care, you just want me to be preoccupied with worrying about small things that I am powerless to change, unless I act on my own and go ballistic.


First it is save the world, now it is focus on yourself, you just want to disagree with whatever I do and be adversarial.


You have been worrying too much about what other people need and not enough about your own desires. As from today you need to turn that on its head and worry only about what is best for you personally. Is that selfish? Maybe, but so what?

The Sun’s change of signs warns that a financial or business matter needs your immediate and personal attention. If you leave it to other people to resolve it will inevitably get worse, because they do not possess your intuitive grasp of what’s gone wrong.


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