We have to give Black Entertainment its share

imag01954We have to give Black Entertainment its share


Did Janet Jackson get paid properly for her tour?  Is this the real reason for its abrupt ending?  For that matter do black entertainers get paid properly for their concert tours in general?  I just want to assure black entertainers that all is not as it seems and you have a greater interest in things you have not idea about.  A lot of the new money is not the Illuminati as the old money sold them short.  You give certain people more credit than they deserve.  A lot of the new corporations and monsters of entertainment is not the old money (Wall Street as you know them).  There is a new corporate America on the verge of a hostile takeover.  It is simple your lack of faith that you cannot see what is happening.  You have been heard Stephanie Mills, and you only confirmed my suspicions, you are right in you have nothing to worry about.  But the power that is to be is not as white as you may think.  Have faith.


The Answer to the Message of the Day:


We will see.  The main idea behind my economic agenda is to bring money back into the system as I give politicians especially the president of the United States plausible denial.  The bottom line is the money is out of the system because the foolish big corporate America tried to sell us out.  But they sold themselves to us and now what I do not like is we seem to be giving it back to them too much without enough strings attached.


As I said, the big corporate America has been policing them but we were a step ahead of them and we policed the police.  The bottom line as stated in the Economic Crisis a letter to the Illuminati, we have the money and it will never be found unless certain conditions are met.  Right now they are simply creating more debts to move the economy, but unless money is returned to the system the economy will never be recovered.  I told you’ll what is necessary and feel it is not necessary to repeat myself.


Oh by the way, my policy for banking is not to lend $30 for every $1 in the bank, but to lend $1 to every $10 deposited in the bank and based on this policy my settlement of $1 Trillion dollars, will become the lending power of $10 Trillion dollars to help build a better economy.


A Mercury-Uranus conjunction on your birthday will do wonders for your ability to see beneath the surface of things. You will know without knowing why you know when others are telling the truth, and when they are lying. You can’t lose with a talent like that.


This will be a good week for meeting people and making deals, even more so when Mercury, planet of communication, leaves your sign and moves into the main financial area of your chart on Wednesday. You’ll find the right words to sell your big idea.



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