What’s up with Janet Question or Answer?

janet-rock-wit-chu-poster2What’s up with Janet Question or Answer?


She told me in an exclusive buzz that she and Jam & Lewis are working on a new album and she will go back on tour this summer after its release starting in Amsterdam.  She told me early on that she was not pregnant.  She confirmed that she and Jermaine Dupri are history professionally and everyone knows that know anything that it was a professional arrangement starting back at Virgin Records.


I gave her advice on a lot of things and there has been more reciprocation than in the past.  She warned me that her fans would not believe me and that she is currently restricted from certain public statements, so she cannot reveal to the public things I casually speak about.


So Janet will not be making any public statements too soon and people do not believe me when I tell them what I have to say.  So why ask me what is up with Janet?  I told you her whole life story in an authorized autobiography in a sense that she happens to be a part of.


Janet suffered from over exposure and character assassination and it just so happens that her and Jermaine Dupri has the same publicist in Patty Webster of W&W Public Relations, so the bottom line is in the interest of her clients certain things cannot be discussed.  I mean Jermaine Dupri is a paying customer as is Janet. So do not expect a bunch of bashing or the truth for that matter, you have to read between the lines.  Are you ready fore the truth?  Guys like Jermaine Dupri are called boys in prison for a damn good reason.


Meanwhile her brother Michael managed to stay out of the spotlight and now sold an enormous amount of presale concert tickets and has not release a single off of his new album yet.  Did people ask what was really up with Michel while he made his new album?  Let Janet focus on her project, so she can deliver good music to you all.


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