Is Janet Pregnant; I smell a fish!

janet-in-painIs Janet Pregnant; I smell a fish!


Maybe I should not have asked the question as it may be perceived  as insecurity and I know what she told me months ago and what is going on, but like I said a picture tells a thousand words.  Maybe Janet needs a new publicist as a matter of a conflict of interest.  I do not know how one lawyer so to speak can represent both sides, so I have to wonder are there really two sides.  Having the same publicist in Patty Webster of W&W Public Relations might be unethical, unprofessional and a detriment to Janet’s career goals, because this relationship was helpful to Jermaine Dupri and harmful to Janet Jackson and still is as the media reflects upon the past as Janet remains silent, it makes people wonder about the wrong things, the focus should be on the new album and upcoming tour.  But most of my quires are about her being pregnant, that is what everyone what to know about. Furthermore I remember Janet breaking up with Jermaine and Patty being sick and stating nobody is breaking up until she says so, her better interest is for Jermaine.


Answer to the message of the day:


What has been pondering in my mind I am ashamed of?  But if you insist on my making these thoughts public so be it.  I really do not want to go there publicly, but this is an obvious response to the letter I wrote yesterday to Janet.  Here is an excerpt from the letter:


Questions:  Are you pregnant?  If so by whom, is it Latoya’s child or Jermaine Dupri?  Why I ask now, I smell a fish; all of a sudden Michael wants to adopt a child before he starts his tour.  Why someone would do something so stupid, adopt a child to go on tour.  And the timing is so questionable Janet, whatever…I know you have my sperm, because I gave it to you with instructions not to use it unless I do not make it….


I Love You




Then I got this message in this morning but no answer:

If there is something you want to say, something that you have been mulling over in your mind for quite some time, then you have got to get it out quick. As from tomorrow it won’t be so easy to speak from the heart, so speak now and speak loud.



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