Janet is not Pregnant & Seen with JD Again

jj-jdJanet is not Pregnant & Seen with JD Again


There is not much I can do about my money situation other than settle for less to expedite the matter.  A Trillion dollar settlement takes a lot of convincing; they have to first realize they have no choice in the matter.  I love Janet but I do not need her or her disrespect.  If she insists on allowing Patty Webster of W&W Public Relations to run her life, so be it that is who she is married to.


There are plenty of women just as fine as Janet who after my settlement will be just as elegant if not more.  We made the Jackson Family and I am not going to undo it: I leave that to them, but my money as you put it I want it.  We can start with that account.  Janet can go her way and I go mine’s and I want what is my just due.  My children will be taken care of, in fact they are doing better than I as I write, but a promise is a promise.


If you think I am going to bitch up because Janet took a picture with Jermaine Dupri you are absolutely wrong.  It confirms she is not pregnant, but it also confirms she is a disrespectful women controlled by another other Patty Webster of W&W Public Relations.  Even though I know what she is actually doing (Confirming not pregnant), she running me away and now I will do what makes me happy and buy a dozen condoms.  I am not that broke to not have relations in my station in life.  I have little to say negative about Janet I am just going to start to live.  She can do her thing and I will do mine’s, I gave her over 200 beats and about 35 songs & a major trade secret, as far as I am concerned she can cast them into the fire place.  My screenplay I own and we plan to write about 5 more, I was going to write one for her but let Patty and Jermaine do it.  I owe her nothing else.  She wants to be friends I will treat her as so, I do not go out of my way for friends, so the honeymoon is over.  All I owe her is a joke or two, which is what I offer friends.


You will need to be mentally tough this year as rivals try to play on your fears and keep you from realizing your long-term ambitions. Focus is the key to success, so focus your mind on your most important goals and keeps focusing until you reach them.

No matter how many times you have fallen out with a certain individual in recent weeks you can still be friends, but first you need to get to the root of your problem and that means being honest about money. Don’t let finances tear you apart.



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