Janet-Tracks – The line is too long

imag01955Janet-Tracks – The line is too long


I do not hate, but I think Janet is a worn out socket.  Hollywood ran a train on her; however I wish her the best of luck, honestly.  I felt I owed her, but no longer do I feel that way, if I owe anyone I owe myself.  I hope she gets the role in Tyler’s new movie and I hope her next album is a hit.  And hey, it seems she found the love of her life, so they say, I do not hate!


The line is too long for me and I do not need this drama in my life.  Am I jealous of Jermaine Dupri?  No longer!  I see passed the false glamour.  I meet nicer people every day to me anyway.  In that they treat me alright.  I see women that look just as good and better everyday in simple places like the subway train and just walking down the block without the help of million dollar makeup and gear.


Be honest about money?  I am never late on my bills and I have studio good enough for me, I just went out of my way being obliging towards Janet and took the focus off of myself.  But I will do this no more!


I wanted her, never needed her, loved the idea of loving her but never got the opportunity so I do not really love her.  I figure if I must be an older man I may as well be a dirty one, therefore in reality Janet is too old for me.  But I remember when I was into older women, what Jermaine is doing I been there and done that, what he fails to realize is he has nothing but a momma substitute.  He can have Janet, without me arguing any further about it.  I will be damned before Janet turns me out of a bitch.  I do not hate; honestly!  However in all honesty I do have regrets!


Good Luck!



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