Country Yorker – The Screenplay © 2009

234007m12Country Yorker – The Screenplay © 2009


Created by: Frank Paul Jones

Written by: Frank Paul Jones


Starring Alicia Keys as Aisha and Janet Jackson as Sister Peace


Things like forgiveness, acceptance, remorse and love are the healing forces in this screen.  Aisha a college graduate she studies black history on her own and sees especially white people as villains and everyone else as taking black people jobs.  “That whiter girl swears she is black.” Sister Peace an educator thinks she has all the answers and overlooked her own home.  The Preacher’s wife and family problem solver!  She is Aisha’s aunt.  “We all fall short.”


I was up until 5:30 am this morning it is now 9:30 am, logic tells me I have at least 2 more hours sleep in front of me.  I told them I need about one month to finish this screen, I know all my characters and what they face and have part of the conclusion predetermined.  If it happens faster it is by the grace of God and if it takes more time I underestimated the screen which has almost all complex characters.  However t is on the top of my agenda



You have the potential to do marvelous things. You also have the potential to do nothing at all. Both paths have their attraction but if you choose the latter you may look back 12 months from now and wish you had been more ambitious. Get busy.


A Venus-Mercury conjunction in the main financial sector of your chart means you are determined to get your share of the good things in life. And if you help others to get their share too this could be one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year.


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