These unnecessary Threats

td-jakes1These unnecessary Threats


First of all, Janet gets on my nerves and I say things I do not mean, by doing so I do not internalize.  I am not ashamed by what I say because I know the rules to the game; I can say anything as long as I do not act on it.  And even if I acted on my immoral ideas I do not care what people think of me anymore, which leads to this letter.


A lot of preachers have too much confidence; they teach crucifixion like they plan to kill someone.  Maybe a few of these false preachers need to be persecuted, to send out a message that you get what you wish upon others.  How would these false preachers feel if I preached they were crucified so that the Lord could be put in his rightful place here on earth?  As long as they confuse the masses people will never see the truth.  Maybe we need to line up a bunch of false preachers like on the Valentines Day massacre and rid the world of these blasphemous scumbags.


It is like I need to make another draft of the Apostle and kill off a few people, as they have taken the happy out of the happy ending.  That said; what I see in the future is death to those who want the son dead.  It is one thing to not approve and another to threaten a person; two can play the same game.  That good-for-nothing T.D. Jakes can go to hell, he thinks he can threaten people and go untouched but he is reachable like the rest of them.  Those who think I am weak will have a rude awakening when they least expect it.


To be honest I am sick of people in general, I tell them the truth of the matter and they say how can you say such a thing about Janet Jackson, then I say the hell with it all and I am made out to be a villain I cannot win for losing, I have become too nice of a guy as people seem to be comfortable plotting against me. I see a lot of popular people dying in the future, to the advantage of nobody, but it seems to be a must.


The screenplay “Country Yorker” is at the end of Act #1, well almost, the challenge is writing act #2 and act #3, that is where the thought process will take place.  If I explain why I might give away the script, because I would have to explain what has to be done.  But I will send them act #1 as soon as it is completed, which could be the creation of a sitcom, along with the creation of the characters which was already done.


You want to do great things in the world, and you will, but for best results you need to be aware right from the start that no matter how great and how good your ambitions may be not everyone will approve. Be aware of it, but don’t let it stop you.

There may be a lot of confusion in the world at the moment but where there is confusion there is also opportunity. You possess an almost supernatural ability to see what is coming well ahead of everyone else. Use that today and make confusion work for you.


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