Country Yorker the Screenplay collaboration

234007m1Country Yorker the Screenplay collaboration


My cliché is 33% of something is better than 100% of nothing.  I think I wrote an excellent storyline and did a superb job in developing the characters in Act 1, the first draft is completed of act 1.  I know I can continue to develop the storyline into Act 2 when things hit the fan and into Act 3 when things come to a conclusion.  That I can do in a month or a month and a half, but I realize now early in the game that something is missing.


The story is told from the eyes of a woman, I cannot think like a woman, therefore even if I tell the story what matters is how the story is told.  In general an example is a man might want to express his violent scenes, whereby relationships may be more of a focus to a woman, we will have the same story but from a different prospective.


If I continue on my path, women will say no woman talks like that or thinks like that, this is an example of a homophobic, male chauvinistic pig.   This story is not about me, it is not even for me and the way it should be told, it might not be my kind of movie.  It is a story told by a woman, as it was seen through her eyes.  Like I said a story is a story, what happens happened, but how it is told in this case has to have a woman’s touch or two in the case.  Yes I can write the story, but it has to be told by Alicia and Janet, therefore this one will have to be a collaboration, it is impossible for me to do this alone and get the results of my expectations, I am just not feminine.  And the story is meant to be womanly.



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