My Bed should have been made – Been Played

imag0195My Bed should have been made – Been Played


Let us face it, my only problem preventing me from having a life, with loved ones like Janet Jackson is my finances and I played several angles to correct that but nothing I do is good enough.  There is a conspiracy to hold me down out of fear.  They say if he can do what he is doing without much of anything imagine what he could do if we paid him, so you put me under a glass ceiling so tight I cannot stand on my toes without bumping my head.


Now I know everything Janet had came through me and she choose to take care of several men to include Rene Elizondo with that money and watch me suffer, for that I will forgive but will never forget.  I will never set business aside for her busy as I may be in the future I know there is no me and her without my business accomplishments, because she could have help me get out of this hole, just by name association, but she chose not to, whereby she supported other men, with money I sent her way.   “I am Jermaine Dupri long term girlfriend.” She claims putting him on the map.


I once said this will all be like a faded dream and I will forget it all like if it was just one day, with a whole future in front of me, but how can I; when the people I loved the most mistreated me the most. 


They say are you ashamed of us (Black People) why you claim Sicilian heritage?  Because I am half Sicilian!  Hello!  But let us supposed I was not, what they are really saying is let go of your protection and come side with us totally and for what?  To be turned over to them for them to hang me on a tree?  They do not love me, they love for me to be dead, that is all they preach, death to the son so we can have our own thing.  The son does not have to die for them to have their own thing, they can simply be forsaken and left to their super preachers if that is what they want so be it.  Then and only then will they really know what they are without me.  I am very disappointed, like my friend told me “You have the Universe on your side?”  I said yes but the problem is mankind is against me!


I do not want anyone to have to take care of me, for what I gave I gave freely. But those in darkness did not receive me.  They disappointed me and so did you for allowing this to happen on you watch, I never allowed you to go so low in society. You disappointed me.  Some kind of partner you turned out to be!


Forget about everything that has gone before and focus entirely on what is still to come in your life. Whatever you age and current position you can, and you will, make a splash socially and professionally over the next 12 months, and well beyond.

If you are minded to take some kind of risk or gamble today it might pay off. But there are no guarantees, so sort through the available facts and figures and use your intelligence and intuition to work out the odds. After that, it’s down to luck.


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