Please do not smooth talk me


Please do not smooth talk me


You need to know how I really feel; I do not understand what is going on anymore, as for world affairs, whatever will be will be.  But I know the truth will eventually come out. Is Janet pregnant they ask me or is she not, than with her the question is with whom?  My concern is acceptance, which I have either way, she put me through enough that I have come to the conclusion that I can accept there may be no me and her that was not always the case.  I feel I was used at every angle, until the point I am sick of it all, but I can get over anything; I have no more fight in me at this point.


There was no reason why they treat as they do and have; there is no reason for it, people think bad of me and think I should wakeup and smell the coffee.  But I am through with whores and it is hard to find someone to love. I am not like her.  Sure I screwed my share of whores, but I spent a lot of time alone, she does not know what it is to be alone, but I do and that is where we differ.


Please do not smooth talk me about the beautiful future in front of me, I live in the now, you told me 12 months from now 24 months ago, it is all bullshit.  Compared to most people I do not have shit, but compared to people I know personally I am alright, but not better off, but in every echelon of my existence professional and personal I am at the lower level, I just have tools to keep me busy as you intentionally flaunt glamour in my face.  I feel like all I really have to look forward to is turning my back and walking away or outright total revenge on a mission that does not guarantee my return.  That could only be if I get sick and tired of being sick and tired, but you will always pacify me right.  Be aware that it is losing its luster, the pacification is getting old.  If it comes down to kill or be killed or killed and be killed so be it, maybe that is the lesson we all must face, that you cannot just play with people and pull them on a string forever.  People get tired of false promises and will set their targets.


You are not the sort to sit still while the world around you is rapidly changing, you are the sort who wants to be at the forefront of that change, and a year from now you will be in a new environment with a new set of friends, doing new and exciting things.

You will look at the world around you today and realize how lucky you are to be who you are and where you are. Yes, of course, you have fears and worries like everyone else but compared to most people you’ve got it good. And it’s going to get even better.






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