A mental stream

dscn0139A mental stream


Everything I want has been requested more then three times and not only was it request but it was requested formally in my writings.  All you or I have to do is read the history of my writing on the World Wide Web, so why pretend to act like you do not think I know what I want or that you do not.  I am fully convinced that you all do not want me to have anything that will allow me to mechanize you want me in one place bogged down by financial uncertainties; and as far from Janet as possible.


You do not want to settle with me by any means possible.  You know the most important person aside from my own survival is Janet and you do not want me near her, in fact you want her to worry me or she would behave herself and you think I am not aware of the level power behind her rebellious acts, her acts come from the top.  I know because I surrendered her to the Secret Service years ago.


I gave you’ll step by step initiatives to accomplish the needed changes and I get credit for nothing not even my existence which tells me I am still a covert operation.  Which is expected, people talk about the truth, like if the truth is for the everyday minds of mankind and it is not it is only for the select few and those who have ears?


I know while I was considered a nut case by the government people who knew who I was listened to me while the masses deceived themselves calling me offensive names and it was their asses on the line.  Now I am tired and really care less, it is no longer what can I do for the world, but what can the world do for me, because I know what I am capable of and if they read my writings, especially my user bio on Wikipedia.com they would know the truth. 


The bottom line is the secret service knows what I want and spend more money keeping me safe but down then it would cost to raise me up.  So why repeat myself, search for the truth because it has already been written.  At best I can be most helpful dealing with contemporary issues, but the master plan has already been presented.  Currently I am working on a screenplay, because that is what I want to do now.


In closing an intellectual told me told me the bible is not true, he was a white man, since when does a white man tell a black man it is not real?  The answer is simple when it is being lived and proven.  Either way the oppressive device is destroyed?


Don’t be vague about your ambitions. Define exactly what it is you intend to accomplish over the coming 12 months and keep a clear mental image of your goal with you at all times of the day and night. It won’t be merely an image for long.

Your hopes and dreams may have taken a knock or two of late but it’s not the end of the world and what happens today will remind you that these things tend to go in cycles. You may be down today but you’ll be on the up side of the curve tomorrow.


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