It is the Secret Service

eye1It is the Secret Service


You confirmed your identity.  My problems come from the institution of the White House.  I should have known when my pension was never processed.  You’re the only institution powerful enough to hold me down this long.  It is not Obama, or Bush or Clinton it is the institution.  Does that make me an enemy of the state?  Am I too valuable to allow me to leave the country?  Am I too dangerous to let me live and if so where does this end?


Was I supposed to die for Janet?  Am I supposed to allow fools to kill me in an act of love for mankind?  This is basically the same thing as committing suicide.  I know I am on point because you hid this article.  People need to known the truth and read it.


The Mental Stream


So now I know who you are and it has always been you.  A Jermaine Dupri could never meet my challenge; it took all the Kings Horses and all the Kings men and all you can do is this?  So how about I agree with your bullshit and say there is no cure to AIDS or a solution to the economic crisis and the Middle East.  Suppose I say I quit and the hell with you all?  If I believe it will it happen?  A nuclear holocaust and world pledged with diseases, is that what it will come down to?


Check Mate!


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  1. […] It is the Secret Service […]

  2. […] It is the Secret Service […]

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