Exile from the Great Stalker

flag2Exile from the Great Stalker


When you said (they) being plural are more important than I, you told me that they teamed up against me and confirmed it is me against the establishment, which I call the status quo whom may well be the Illuminati or the New World Order.  They did fine for themselves before me and can continue to do well in my absence.  The woman I loved (Past tense) turned out to be a two faced G girl (government agent) engaged in a conspiracy to harm me.  The people (black people) I devoted my life to wants me dead, the people I worked for (the government) wants me to stay down in the lower echelon in life.  It is a mess and I have nowhere to go here and refuse to die for people I have grown to hate and such an act could never be out of love but insanity, which contrary to common belief I am not


South Africa requested I go there years ago, I wonder if the offer is still open.  Then Canada is open to people who come in the conditions of exile, then there is Cuba.  Israel is out of the question, I know that is what you want but it will never happen.  Is America the great stalker for when you have no use for someone or want them you do not want anyone else to have them?  You do not want me or want to do right by me so help find me a home away from your direct influence.  And since I am not him (the Son), you will not fall from the grace of God will you?  I mean they are more important than I, so you will find your grace in them (Satan) correct?


At the rate we are headed towards total dissolution of association, I am going to pull a disappearing act on you all one day.  I will go there and there and there until I totally disappear.  Because I do not want to be anywhere I am unwanted or go anywhere I am not invited.  This is not a joke or a threat but a promise, I think I can hurt you more by leaving you than killing you, because the demise you will bring upon yourself in my absence and you and I know it.  There is a secret we share about me, that need not be mentioned.  Am I your nuclear umbrella?  Star Wars!  The world may well soon find out!


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