Fall of America & Ignition of New York City

Fall of America & Ignition of New York Citywtc_collapsed21


This is not a threat, a promised, or my wish but a matter of fact if we continue in this direction.  Sure as when I leave NYC it will be nuked, as sure as when I leave America it will go bankrupt and be pledged with diseases, and as I said as sure as we continue down this direction I will leave America.  Why stay somewhere I am unwanted and hated, by people who only want to control me?


If I could leave America I would go and if I could relocate out of New York City I would relocate.  In a country where Satan is more important than God, such a place is not worth preserving.  This is not a threat, promise or wish but a matter of factual or maybe a bad prediction.  Time will tell!  “A man who has nothing or no one has nothing to lose and a man pays rent because he has nothing.”  So what am I here for?  “You can kill me once, but I can kill you over 6 billion times.”




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  1. Lol and if anyone else would want you American madness is a social condition thats done enough damage in the world, the real satan is America’s pride and arrogance, its readiness to perform evil works in the name of freedom or justice, America is surely satans empire and eveyone in it are satans children, including you Gambino

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