How about the Government & I go separate ways?

star-of-davidHow about the Government & I go separate ways?

The truth of the matter is they do not need me at all, I do not need this; let me go to a country of my choice.  I do not want to be on the good side of the United States Government, because if I am on their good side now I hate to be on their bad side.  Since they need me less that I need them, and I do not need them we are in mutual agreement.  What I have in America is not good enough for me and I am ready to leave.  It is mutual you need me less than I need you and I do want anything else to do with you all.  Let me find out if there is a country willing to purchase my services, since you are obviously not interested.  I know Janet belongs to you and always did, I accept that also.  Why are you hiding these articles to protect me?

It is the Secret Service

A Mental Stream

Tell me what the difference between being held up is and held back, in both cases you are stagnant.  Look I know it is the secret service and probably other Federal Institutions that made my life a living hell for the last 33 years.  I have nothing but a pacifier, which is really nothing at all, all you can do is put me in prison, in a homeless shelter or let me leave to another country and I am willing to take that gamble.

You’ll are corrupt and evil and mean me no good, you are not my friends, in fact you see me as an enemy of the state.  Let us start to discuss my departure, I have nothing here or anything to look forward to and this is now clear to me, you plan to string me along until you dispose of me.  A slow death or a fast death is still death.  I can handle dying but I will not go willingly.  So now it comes down to either you kill me or take off the shackles.  The hell with let my people go let me go to another country, find me a wife and live my remaining years in peace.  The truth is we are not meant to be it is that simple.  If I am so insignificant you should have no problem with me leaving.

With power planet Pluto turning retrograde on your birthday you need to be even more aware than usual of how you relate to various authority figures. Remember: you need them more than they need you, so do what it takes to stay on their good side.

Limitations planet Saturn is opposed by Mars in your sign this weekend, which means you will fight tooth and nail to overcome the restrictions that life has placed on you. Be careful. Not all those restrictions are holding you back – some are holding you up.



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