An Explanation deserved an Apology not

imag01951An Explanation deserved an Apology not


They say I am bipolar and have mood swings, what do you think?  But they say a lot of things about me.  Will I ever surrender my life for a bunch of confused fool’s hell no, but I will die fighting.  Do I feel like normal people I doubt it?   I think I have been desensitized years ago.  Am I on an ego trip, probably yes and do not like people stepping on it.  Am I arrogant I have to be to put up with all the bullshit?  Therefore you cannot expect me to continue to suffer in silence.


You cannot tell me the devil is more important than God, because Satan ran things for the last few years.  His time is up.  A man tells you he is someone; you never met before but read about and heard about.  How are you going to tell him that person died for you because someone wrote a book that said so?  Then get an attitude when he says well if you want to kill me once I will kill you 6 billion times meaning end this damn world.


How are you going to get an attitude for having an attitude?  When you say someone died for you it is a threat against that man’s life and that man has a right to self defense.  What you wish on this man you may while is wishing upon yourself


Then there is forgivingness.  You put a man through living hell and he has to overcome your bullshit only to help you?  Now who is ego tripping and now who is arrogant?  Do you think you are worth the heartache and pain?  You think this shit is about Janet but it is all about you all.  I care as much as you do!




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