Am I Serious because it is Real

dscn01441Am I Serious because it is Real

Time is not on my side so I will be straight to the point.  People are really dying from diseases that are curable and wars that can be avoided.  If I am too serious excuse me but we are playing with real peoples lives.  Yea Janet might be all acts then again I do not know for certain about anything anymore concerning her.  But like I said it is not all about her, but is about people in general and their choices.

Do I have the upper hand?  Is there something I need to discover?  I already know you have not the power over my life and death, but you do control the mindset of mankind through the media and other bullshit devices, only because we gave them the ability to choose for themselves, leaving them open for deception which is your greatest weapon of war to create fear and demand control, when in reality you are not that tough, but soft in fact.  Let us face it if you could kill me I would be dead, that is what the great suicide is all about, my surrendering my life to them out of love, to free them from your oppression.  The act is called the crucifixion, but if the father and son are one who will raise the son if he dies?  All lies, however I know better.  Now if T.D. Jakes wants to be raised from the dead I can make that happen!  

The problem is I will never commit suicide or let them kill me because I love them and want to free them from the consequences of their actions.  First of all such an act would be an act of insanity, secondly I do not even know if I love them enough to even forgive them anymore, I had no idea they were so stupid, making me even a bigger fool for taking on this mission

Mercury in your sign makes a beneficial aspect to genius planet Uranus on your birthday, so if you stretch your thinking above and beyond its usual levels you will discover something remarkable about the world, something that gives you the upper hand.

It’s not like you to be so competitive, to see every situation in terms of winning or losing, but that’s the direction you seem to be headed. It’s okay to be ambitious, of course, but don’t get so caught up in the game that you start taking it too seriously.



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