Prince New Release Lotusflow3r Receiving little Airplay

prince-new-albumPrince New Release Lotusflow3r Receiving little Airplay


Prince put out a double solo album plus an album by Bria Valente which is co-written and co-produced by Prince.  I have not heard one song off of the album over the radio yet and Prince deserves more respect than that.  Prince as an Independent Artist plans to release 4 albums this year and two of them are out now.


Maybe he should have listened to me and considered the Underground Distribution Network or something other than an exclusive deal with Targets for all three albums for $11.98.  When I get around to going to Targets I will probably pick up the CD because Prince is always good for a few funky tunes, with two albums hopefully double the funk.


I am sure that Janet Jackson and the Time Band is watching Prince closely, as they may go Independent as well.  But Janet should be alright if she does as she plans to do and tour along with the album, use Ticket-Master as an outlet for album sales and be more creative in the distribution aspects.  Personally I hope the best for Prince.




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