Screenplay Renamed “Everybody has Demons.”


Screenplay Renamed “Everybody has Demons.”


I think the Apostle is well named, however it would be better describe by the title, “The Son of (the Made) Man.”  This title would have better attraction power.  But more importantly is that I wrote Act one and the storylines to acts 2 and 3 of Country Yorker and came to realize the location of the drama and the hometown of the star has little to do with the storyline, I found the key element to be that “Everybody has demons.”  I will leave it to the story to explain the title, but I think this title has better attraction power and is consistent with the storyline.


Everybody has their ways and styles to writing and my style to writing a screenplay may seem simple but I understand what I am doing and can explain what I am doing to others, as I have with Alicia and Janet, who has the starring and leading roles in this screen.  There are a few leading roles and several important roles, there is a role I think is written for Beyonce, that is nothing like anything she has done in the past.  It is a dysfunctional role that evolves in the sequel, but I do not know if Janet and Beyonce can work together, by the way this screenplay calls for a two movie deal at a minimum because it will take at least 3 ½ to 4 hours to bring forth a happy solution, just as the Apostle (The Son of (the Made) Man) will probably take two shots to get it all in there.  I want to do business with Paramount Pictures, for both films.


My trademark in movies will be no nudity or sex scenes; this is something we can allude to.  On the other hand violence as we know the world has too much of it, but it may well be graphic in my shows.  The rational is I do not want to disrespect my female actresses by forcing them to take their clothes off, so there will be plenty of sexual content in my flicks through allusion.  As for violence we all know it is fake, it is all makeup and make believe.  Whereby with sex scenes often fake, people do not perceive them as fake, this is up for debate, because sex is natural and violence is a byproduct of a disorderly society.  My ratings will be based on the level of graphic violence, sexual content and language.  I might agree to animated sex scenes, but I will not prostitute my actresses, no more than I will my family in Alicia and Janet.


Everybody has Demons is all but written, I know the story in whole and what leads into the sequel but like the Apostle (The Son of (the Made) Man) the screenplay has a conclusion, there is just more to be told after part one.  I do not leave the audience hanging just hungry for more?


You are determined to do something different over the next 12 months. You’ve had your fill of being a face in the crowd and want to be the star for a change. You are most likely to get the recognition you crave in the communications field.  Speak your mind.

With Mercury, planet of the mind, on good terms with your ruler Neptune today you will go out of your way to be nice to people, even people you don’t much like. However different we seem to be on the outside, on the inside we are all much the same.






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