Uncompensated and Moving On

imag01952Uncompensated and Moving On


In the real world money makes money, you want me to turn a loaf of bread into a fortune, or want me to try anyway.  I lost faith in the system, because nothing I do is good enough.  If anything in the next 6 months I will be out of here.  If I cannot be compensated for services already rendered, why should I think the future will be any different?  I know all you are doing is stringing me along, I just assume sell my services to the highest bidder, because America is full of shit.


You just used Janet as something shiny to attract me like moth to a flame, but I am not blind to the reality, people think I am stupid but I am not.  Does she really care?  I do not think so!  Does it really matter?  Not if I get away from you all.  My great accomplishment will be to leave America and I already know it will not be easy, but it will be much easier than accomplishing anything in this country, because I know the deck is stacked against me big time.


Do not think that this decision comes in happiness, but it is in sorrow that I feel like an alien in the country I was born in and done so much for, but it is the American way to use people and then make them enemies of the state, you plan to do to me what you did to Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. You used them like you used me to support the government, then when my time came to be compensated you tell me to make it all over again without anyone or anything to work with.  I know bullshit when I hear, smell and see it and this is all bullshit.  I realize I might have to resort to illegal means to get transportation money, because the system is designed to keep me down and I no longer care what people think about me anymore, it has come down to my survivability.  I have to see about my passport.


After I write this screenplay, “Everybody has Demons,” I plan to write a documentary about me to explain why I left then I will lighten my load and we will see.  This move will be well thought out, I am not going to just get up and run.


You know what you want out of life and you know that if you apply yourself you will accomplish most if not all your aims by this time next year. So why are you still waiting? If it’s for permission to start you need to get real. Permission comes from within.

Money matters have caused you a few sleepless nights of late but tomorrow’s full moon, while bringing certain anxieties to a head, will also ultimately dispel them. Remember too that you are rich in ways that cash alone can never hope to buy.


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  1. Seriously…
    This is the only thing that has worked for me:

  2. viagra…

    kinda makes you wonder….

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