I have to stop letting people steal my joy

img003I have to stop letting people steal my joy


I am rebounding from a terrible day, first I let you steal my joy with your bullshit, then when I go to the dentist to get my second crown place in and cemented they decided it has to be modified, then they taxed me saying I owe them so and so.  I went to bed upset and my whole day was screwed up.  But that is funny to you?  Right!  Yea Alicia was conceived April 1980 if I am correct.  Personally I think Janet should proud but like you said it is always up to the person.


I really want a passport, I will apply soon and I hope the Department of State does not block me, I am really tired of this country, and I will never amount to anything here.  I think I need to go back into the making money by any means necessary mode, like when I was younger, people think the worst of me anyway, so why not live up to their expectations.  Doing wrong is easier than doing right and for a person like me certainly more profitable  It makes no sense to telegraph my moves, but if I focus less on Janet and more on myself I can easily turn a few bucks and do well in my station of life.


I promised to write Janet a screenplay so I will finish, “Everybody has Demons,” but in all honesty my motivation is gone.  I never get paid for anything I do for her and money is a motivator.  She does not want me to have anything it is a control issue, which is a problem I have with her, so I have to stop the focus on her and focus on me and make money by means I have control over.  I will finish the screenplay on schedule if not sooner.  Right now I am still upset from yesterday and cannot do creative writing, sure I can express my feelings, but  writing a screenplay calls for imagination and creativity and I have to feel good to do that.  I have to stop letting people steal my joy in the morning.


A full moon on your anniversary emphasizes partnerships both personal and professional and it is how you choose to deal with people over the next 12 months or so that will determine your level of success. Notice that word “choose – it’s always up to you.

Something you hear in passing – maybe something you were not supposed to hear – could earn you a not inconsiderable sum of money if you act on the information. Is that immoral? Maybe, but why turn up your nose at such a fortuitous event?




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