Busy and on a Roll

imag01953Busy and on a Roll

I have a few things on the drawing board; some are at a higher priority than others, as the urgency of the project does not necessarily depict its priorities.  For the next 3 or 4 weeks maximum, I will be working on the screenplay “Everybody has Demons.”  I start on act 2 very soon (this weekend).  Then out of the stuff I made for me (Songs) I have to select the best 16 or 17 songs and make it into an album as the soundtrack for the Son of the made Man.  I will copyright it.  I want it to be made into a compilation by other artist in the future.  Then I have to write my share of songs for the compilation of “Everybody has Demons.” Alicia and Janet can do this better than I, but I want a few songs also, they do not have to all be new, like Symbolic Castration would show up on both albums.

As for the project let us make America a better place to live, “Change,” I do not see it as urgent anymore, but when they decide to play ball and stop playing with my time its urgency will increase, right now I am busy with other projects, that will turn into small sums of cash.  I think Secretary Clinton and President Obama are full of shit personally and no different than the Bush administration. They are a bunch of flip floppers. 

Then my nephew made two compilation albums he said I can burn them to give them away or sell them.  So basically one thing leads to another; I need to join ASCAP and I need my passport, so a lot of little things might turn out to be a few extra bucks.

Then there is the documentary I want to write and film, then I will come up for air and see where I stand, I mean Josephine Baker had to go to France, maybe I might find love there or Sicily somewhere.  There is no love for me here in America, I am just being used and strung alone, I am a better man than my standards of life by far and you know it but do not give a damn, so what am I here for?  

Jupiter, planet of abundance, is strong on your birthday this year, so you can expect a host of good things to come your way over the next 12 months. Enjoy them by all means but invite others to share your good fortune too. The more you give, the more you get.

You may be tempted to give up on a project that has now become something of a liability but considering how much time and effort and energy you have put into it already that would be a retrograde move. Unnecessary too, as it’s about to bear fruit!



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