Dreams can become sobering realities

234007m12Dreams can become sobering realities


When I read the message of the day today, the song that came to mind was the song by the Jackson’s called “That is what you get (for being polite)” on the Destiny album.  Anyone who knows me knows I did what I did because of love and because of my love for Janet Jackson I was controllable.  You’ll use Janet to keep me under control; I did not want anything to happen to her by any means.  Now I wonder is love an illusion and is it all about power?  Because she knew that power existed over me and she played along, but she did fear for my live once and wanted to take me to California and hide me.  I said no, because I knew you had not power over my life or death.


I told a brother yesterday that if a person going through the process to elevate in life and am treated unfairly in the process and he hates everyone as a result of the process that was hateful but if he was rigorous can he get the top only to hate the world he came to save?  He would be no different than the people he replaced and nothing would change.  His mission would have then been worthless!


So often I say “I rather am known as a bad person who does good things, than good person bad things are done to.”  But if you say this will people take your alleged badness serious.  They say Fear the Lord, but who fears the good, they fear the bad and fear motivates goodness in many people.  They do well because they fear the consequences of their actions, but there are people who swear up and down the Lord died so that they do not have to suffer the consequences of their actions.  My point getting back on course is that if you can scare a person into doing the right things you did a good job.


I danced around the subject matter, but the bottom line is dreams can become sobering realities and the reality of the fact is power, it is all about power.  The question is once you get the power is how do you feel and treat humanity.  Can you overcome this evil world and still have love in your heart.  Will people respect you if they know in advance you will forgive them and honestly being true to yourself will you find it in your heart to forgive those who made your life a living hell?  Then love becomes the question and the dream faded.


The most important thing on your anniversary is that you identify your number one goal. Once you are clear in your mind what it is, write it down on a piece of card and carry it with you wherever you go. Look at it often and stay true to your dream.

Be warned that if you go to extremes now you will have to pay for it later in the month – and on balance you will get the worst of the deal. You of all people should know that everything evens out in the end. It’s a spiritual law and cannot be broken.



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