Janet is in good terms with Beyonce

janet-in-dallas-2Janet is in good terms with Beyonce


Janet is in good terms with Beyonce and thinks she is a great performer.  Contrary to all the rumors about Beyonce disrespecting the Jackson Family, she said she thinks Beyonce is a great performer and would love to work with her in a movie.  Currently in the works is film called “Everybody has Demons.”  No it is not a horror film or about any type of religion, but is a drama about a family that is going through it, as they are very dysfunctional there is an underlying cause to each of their dysfunctions.


The screenplay being written three main characters happen to be written to fit perfectly with Janet Jackson as the youngest of three siblings and the aunt of two first cousins about the same age who could very well be played by Alicia Keys and Beyonce.


Janet would be the protagonist, though it is told through the eye of Alicia’s character, however people would probably say Beyonce stole the show, because she would act in the screenplay’s the most dramatic role.


A film is about to be release with Beyonce in a starring role called “Obsessed,” which is being heavily promoted in New York City.  It will be showing in movie theaters on 24 April 2009.   





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