Non Profit Record Company & Distribution System

janet-v-midiNon Profit Record Company & Distribution System



#1: Name of CD:  The Extortion Album which consist of 3 albums in Wave format and 4th album with all three albums and bonus material in MP-3 and iPod format, which will support PC of Apple.   That is just the start.  You have X-Convicted Felons with big dogs on the hot corners in the hood saying “This is extortion buy it or else, the extortion album 3 CD and CD-MP-3 iPod compilation albums, just $10.”


#2: Copyright all the material on all three albums, with the Library of Congress.


#3: Make all writers members of ASCAP, for a one time fee of $25.


#4: Incorporate the Record Company as a non profit organization.  Meaning we have to spend all our money by the end of the fiscal year, there will be no multi-million salaries.  Yes the artist gets paid for their musical works and we can set a salary as officers in the corporation.  Make it a policy to hire certain percentage of convicted felons.  We are talking about a Recording Co-Op Marketing Plan

Business and employment co-operative

3.6 Business and employment co-operative


The Mission statement has to do with music and helping artist through promotional and giving them recording opportunities, by building recordings studios around the country in mainly Urban Areas. Giving unsigned independent artist recording opportunities


#5: The Underground Distribution Network:  Put out CD’s using duplicators, setup strategically around the country at major cities.  They will be like the Avon Lady they will get a Business associate ID and sell CD’s to family and neighbors.  There will be an accounting system put in place, but being it is a non profit organization it is not just about record sales but putting out a message, so piracy can work to our advantage in some cases, because we are talking about making music as a social action.


#6: Packaging: I just bought 10 packs of 10 quads DVD/CD Cases by TDK they cost $3.99 per 10 packs and hold 4 CD’s per case.  How much will it cost wholesale is the question, but $0.39 per 4 CD compilation case is cheap packaging.  Plus 50 DCD storage inserts go for about$17 after taxes or $34 per 100 which equal $034 per insert retail, with ink from printer we are talking less than $1.00 per packaging with a professional look.


#7: The Beauty: I was told that we to copyright protect the products, I said no because it is a non profit organization and sometimes piracy could be good if it gets the word out about a cause.  Now here is a secret I will not write about concerning the grand architecture or great design.  First of all piracy organizations are our best distributors. Why?


#8: Accounting system emplacement: Depending on the artist and their demand, we predetermine how many burning licenses we authorize.  An example is we say Janet Jackson’s next album will sell 2 Million copies.  We go to the Underground Distribution Network, who are now the piracy organizations and say you can burn 2 million copies of this CD and sell them for $5.00 each and we want say $1.25 per CD, make it $1.00 to keep it simple, they pay 2 million dollars and burn as many as they want up to 2 million but this will not stop them from burning more.  However here is the catch 22, by accepting these contracts in smaller bulks in different areas around the country say 20,000 here and 100,000 there up to 2 million total they become a legitimate operation and have needs for their equipment and now they have to be caught red handed for there equipment to be confiscated.  Furthermore by making these contracts they actually can justify their income by paying taxes on the profits made. Make sense?



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