Real or Symbolic Cafeteria Christians

crossReal or Symbolic Cafeteria Christians


People will come and people will go and new people will replace the old and someone will come on to the scene they will be new and exciting and my outlook will improve concerning the world and I will not have to work so hard to see the brighter side of humanity.


This is a statement that needs not my response, in fact this is a day that I need to listen more than speak concerning the relevance of this day and weekend.  Brother Al Sharpton ask do you believe this day called Easter is allegorical  (Symbolic) or do you think Jesus actually was crucified.  What amazes me is how so many people see this day and weekend so differently.  It is amazing to me how a preacher can preach and it seems like everyone agrees with his rhetoric as he excites the crowd, but we have a bunch of cafeteria Christians, who take some and leave some of the delivered word.  However I think this is a good sign because the one qualification to reaching the truth is no preconceived notions.  They say Janet is no longer a Jehovah’s Witness, I guess she knows something they do not teach?  Maybe she is just taking it easy, because those people are demanding.  Whatever!  Maybe she is in search of the truth!


Anyway, as many say they believe this or that they only know what they believe, but are uncertain as to what they know making them teachable, but of little faith now, so may this new person or persons open the eyes of those in uncertain and undecided at the moment.


I woke up about 12 am last night after a nap, I guess the radio station yelled out Happy Easter and alerted me.  So I go down stairs and talk to a friend about 3 am, he is a night person, there were police officers everywhere that is a good thing, because when they show up in the neighborhood crime goes down and they are now patrolling the hood.  To make a long story short, I said to him after he said Happy Easter, “Man if this day is anything it is a day of mourning, what they hung the man on a tree and then said he died for our sins, then three days later a few people witness his resurrection?”  “If he rose from the dead, why did not he go back to those people who killed him and say see you thought you got me?”  Real or symbolic how do you apply it?




There will be a lot of comings and goings in your life over the next 12 months. Someone you have known for many years will move away but you won’t be sad for long as a newcomer to your neighborhood will set your pulse racing. Watch your blood pressure!

In recent weeks you’ve had to make a conscious effort to look on the bright side and keep negative thoughts at bay, but when Venus turns direct in your sign on Friday your view of the world will improve dramatically. You won’t have to try so hard in future.



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