Janet next album release is pushed back

janet-djj1Janet next album release is pushed back


Janet Jackson’s next album to be released has been push back from the summer of 2009 to spring of 2010, to prevent her from doing another rush job. The first single from the album was going to be “Love Sex Magic” but Janet did not want the track, because she felt everything was too rushed and is considering going in a new direction, so Ciara got the track and released it.


From the sounds of things Janet has been there and done that and can certainly do better and made a wise decision.  Hopefully with all the world events taking place now by 2010 she will be able to exploit contemporary issues in the tradition of singing for social change.  Janet’s real fans are beyond songs like “Love Sex Magic,” and song is more suitable for the younger Ciara, who is a baby born in 1985 about 20 years younger than Janet who by the way released Control in 1986, when Ciara was just a baby.


I say it is alright to move and groove, but be selective about the words you choose to sing to.  I am glad Janet passed on that one, because the next album has to be special!


Janet Jackson’s New Album should end all Mysteries:





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  1. Janet Jackson doesn’t even have a label right now let alone a release date.

    • To: Boo

      Do you mean with a major label? I mean how much does it cost to burn a CD? How much planning does it take to distribute a CD? Who is Prince signed to? How many independent labels are in business today about 16,000? You do the math!


      The Underground Distribution Network can become reality! Escape the RIAA & sing as a social movement.

  2. […] #3: Janet next album release is push back from the summer of 2009 to spring of 2010, to prevent a ru… […]

  3. Janet has been signed to EMI records again, the people who released her following albums:

    Janet Jackson – 1982 – got to No 6
    Dream Street – 1984 – got to No 145
    Control – 1986 – got to No 1

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