Rock Witchu Tour Ends & the Big Break

paulRock Witchu Tour Ends & the Big Break


I think we should not get caught up in false self fulfilling prophesies, I was briefly watching a program on television about the book of revelation and it talked about the end of times, which is horrifying drama whereby Satan and the Lord go at it for once and for all.  Do we have to really go there?


I have so many things I want to accomplish in the next few months that to some degree I feel overwhelmed, but as the old cliché goes do it one step at a time and just do it.  I did something that I hope falls through it would be a first step, but it might have to be one of the last steps, I will see what they say in 2 or 3 weeks.


Why save the bad news for last?


Rock Witchu Tour is officially terminated


The Rock Witchu Tour is officially terminated due to scheduling conflicts and other issues.

(Maybe the summer of 2010 will be better economic times)


So I am going to get a break in life soon?  You know we have been there before and I am now like the dude who prays after he eats, because too many times he was given a plate of food and before he could eat any of the food it was taken back away from him.


As for yelling from on top of the roof, these people are they really ready for the truth and if they knew and believed the truth that would they depict me as?  See Satan is a sly bitch, he has the world believing that when the Son arrives unless he (Satan) has an opportunity to do his evil deeds to the maximum, that the person the world believes is the Lord is actually Satan.  So is the world ready for the truth or must they experience their own self fulfilling prophesy and catch pure hell first?


You will enjoy life to the full over the coming 12 months. You will wring every last drop of pleasure from each and every passing moment. But don’t stop there. Help others to get more from their lives as well. Be a good example. Be someone they can follow.

If there is something you want to tell the world, something worth shouting about, Mercury in the communications area of your chart will encourage you to get vocal about it. Some may disagree but one day soon events will prove you right.


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