Janet Jackson has to be a Social Leader

paul-and-janet1Janet Jackson has to be a Social Leader

(The Gambino Touch)


I believe that Janet and her production team is out of touch with world affairs, to even consider recording this mess tells me she needs serious help in song selection. “Love Sex Magic”  Had she would have recorded this mess it would have all but ended her career as a serious artist.  It is totally commercial and makes no real statement.


I mean the world is coming to an end right before us, like the word Obama is worth 200,000 CD sales, I mean at 43 years of age which she will be soon, she has to sing about something of real substance, like the economic crisis, the war in the middle east, the AIDS Epidemic to the first black president, to have even considered this mess is a very bad sign she is on the wrong path and is headed for a disaster.


Like I told some fool talking about Janet has no record deal none the less a release date, “How much does it cost to burn a CD today, how much thinking does it require to distribute music, who is Prince signed to and how many independent labels are in business today?”  The bottom line is that “The Underground Distribution Network,” can become reality.


By: Frank Paul Gambino – Music Distribution Category:  I highly recommend reading some of these articles on this hyperlink.  It is about escaping the RIAA whose true interest is the major 4 and hiring a totally separate distribution network uninfluenced by the RIAA who represent over 1,600 record labels and I stand corrected by saying there are 16,000 independent labels, it is more in line with about 2,000, but what is important as an independent is to not be under the guidelines of the big 4 labels, who are the competition and really wants you to fail. If they cared about the independent labels they would have hired the artist in them.


You have to look at how China operates: the Recording Industry Underground Tax then you will understand that the today’s American black market piracy operations can realistically be tomorrow’s independent music distributors.


My message of the day is to escape the grips of the iron fist the RIAA and sing for social change.  During one of our disputes Janet told me she is only trying to help the world through her music, not with songs like “Love Sex Magic,” did you see that video, totally without taste?  If Janet wants to really be a service to the world sing for social change and not money and the money will follow because her foundation will be relevant to the listeners; it is time to stop being simply commercial.  It is not the music that is a sign of maturity in career and life, but what a person sings about that separates commercial music from social leaders, be a leader Janet.


As for me everyone wants to give me credit, I need cash money and it would be nice to get my second crown cemented already.  It is the little things in my life that are disturbing.


With genius planet Uranus strong on your birthday you won’t find it hard to come up with new ideas and new proposals. You may find it hard to persuade people that you have the answer but you are not lacking in communication skills either. It’s just another challenge.

If you need assistance you must let friends and family and work colleagues know about it. You may think it is heroic keeping your pain to yourself but it isn’t, it’s silly. You have helped so many people in the past – now let them help you.



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