My Goal is to inform, stay busy and exploit

imag01954My Goal is to inform, stay busy and exploit


My main goal is to inform, though what I say may seem simple, not everyone is aware of it, to include people well engaged in the profession.  Why I know some of the things I know, is unknown to me, sometimes I am even impressed by things I write.  I applied for ASCAP membership, I do not know if I have to do this after the establishment of the record company of if my prior performances of my material qualifies me, but I need that membership to sell my songs and get paid royalties for airplay, I will know in 2 to 3 weeks via mail.  I tried to do business with Janet, but she is still looking at that same immature material, she seems afraid to make a statement, I think she has everything to gain and nothing to lose at this point and she should yell on top of the roof, the hell with the RIAA, the Big Four the whole establishment.  She has been blackballed already.  Hello!


I think a non profit record company can be established under 501 (c) (3), I might need a lawyer but I am a paralegal by education and probably could do this on my own for myself, with a little research.


You know what, I have been listening to my older musical compositions and they are good, many of them anyway and my words have meaning in many cases, I think I need to perform some of my songs with the new equipment and VST software, I now have a very powerful computer compared to the past, I have a Dual Quad Core Vista 64, that can run my studio much more efficiently by giving me more effective processor and Ram power, and I have now the complete vocal tools software package, for improved vocals performance and as I said improved not miracle vocal performance.  I cannot make what is ugly into fine but I can make what is average into something good.


As you know I renamed the Apostle a third time to the Son of the Made Man and wrote about 40 or 50 songs and musical compositions I have 150 to 200 at least and can make a beat at any given moment.  I want take my best songs and record them again taking a little more time on each song and copyright the material as my official soundtrack, also I need to make some minor adjustments in the screen the Apostle I had some constructive criticism, things I know are not clear to the reader and has to be explained.


After I do the first draft of “Everybody has Demons’ which by the way is well on its way, but it turned out to be a drama rather than a comedy drama with a few funny moments, but it has meaning, but the shit is not funny in fact it is serious and at best dark humor.


I realize I cannot do everything I think up, but I can write a few screens, rerecord my album and start up a legal record company all by the end of the summer at least.  Right now I am in an experimental stage, my nephew is sending me two compilation albums, I have some stuff from another nephew and I will select my best 15 to 17 songs and perform them and/or master them into something more professional and then come up for air.  What I need is a connection into the Nationwide Black-Market Net work for future record distribution, but that is something I need in the future.  The bottom line is I am trying to be informative to those who have ears as I stay busy with my music and screens, however at some point I have to sell some of this stuff.


You need to be more upfront about what it is you are aiming to do. In fact you need to get up on your soap box and scream it at the top of your voice. Will that put you under pressure? Yes it will, and that’s the whole idea. You can’t fail now.

With Mars close to Uranus in your birth sign today you will either be very brave or very foolish – or both. Still, life is too short to worry about getting it wrong, so do what seems right and live with the consequences. Life is an adventure.



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