The Second Crown

gold-crownThe Second Crown


I told Janet I was about to get my second crown cemented, which symbolizes something to me.  I was once told no real gangster has his real two front teeth, I said well I will be going to the dentist, because nobody is punching them out, unless they want to die.  I was told I was to get it place in then I was told it has to be modified and the timing was suspicious, it was at the time I yelled on the roof I was leaving the country.  So I am quite suspicious as to what type of modification is being done, but with satellite technology they can read the date of a dime from outer space on the ground on the streets, so I said what would be the point to place a tracer.


It’s like being a traveler and throughout the journey you hit stations of life, like a traveler needs to gas up his car you have expenses so you seek income by whatever means to pay bills a job so on.  But the station of life is not the journey it is just one of many stops.  The military has what is called a main duty station, where you go to receive your assignments, which is man’s hometown.  You go to your hometown for a few months receive your next assignment and usually your stations in life get better each time you return as a reward for completing the last mission, I think it is almost time for me to receive a new assignment and travel in a new direction.  This is called a promotion.


I feel like I got promoted and demoted at the job front in the same day, but am these true senses of things, because my salary and hours are unchanged, which I do not want changed.  I mean depending on scheduling of meetings this may well be the best thing to happen to me since being with the organization, because I just inherited the largest work space in the office, which I only need a few hours per day.  I cannot elaborate on this because everything about that place and my department is confidential, so in a pessimistic viewpoint I got promoted and demoted, in an optimistic viewpoint I got a double promotion, but in reality nothing really changed but my work area.


I say this all to say what?  As a guiding symbol of hope if you do not work you do not eat and he received a second crown.  How do you wear two crowns, if his power is in the word?


If a certain way of doing things does not seem to be working then change direction – better still, tip your world upside down and see if it doesn’t look better the other way up. The more you experiment over the next 12 months the more you will achieve.

No matter what the facts and figures might say, if your sixth sense tells you that something is not quite right today you must listen to it and act on it. You know from long, painful experience that your other senses don’t always get it right.


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