The World in a Nutshell

janet-aliciapaul-and-janet2The World in a Nutshell


The question is not what I know but what I agree with.  This is why I do not understand Janet Jackson, she was so on point over 20 years ago with Control and then Rhythm Nation1814, then after she found success she became a slave to society and became totally commercial.  We have to get back on track and open the minds of the blind.


The world is about organized chaos or better said predetermine chaos, whereby the ends justify the means.  It is like a screenplay whereby the end is already planned but due to manipulations and human characteristics it evolves into new things each and every moment, it is about people playing God.  It is about controlling what one says think and do ultimately.  It is these things in a nutshell!


The question is not do I make sense but does the world make sense to still oppress people as a mean of control.  We deployed all of these diseases and have all these nuclear bombs for what?  We allow the drug epidemic, instead of simply sending in our troops to fight a war for Americans and our real interests, but we have time to support the arms industry in the Middle East.  Come on man anyone with eyes can see the world is about one a big screw up.


Like my latest screenplay it continues to evolve as I get to know my characters, that were based on prejudice viewpoints as they have been manipulated to the point that there has to be a turning point, as in life and the world we are at a turning point and the question is will the conclusion/solution be bitter, sweat, happy or just a repeat of the same old Hollywood.  And Janet’s career I am trying so hard to resurrect depends on how she evolves as does the screenplay “Everybody has Demons.”  It is time to get real!  We have to sing for social change that is the winning vote that got President Obama into the White house.  People want change and want to now how to go about it.  We all want answers!  This is something I love about Alicia Keys she sings about something.


Do you understand the world? Do you know what it’s all about? You’ve had glimpses here and there but nothing that made much sense. That is about to change. Yes, there is meaning to your existence. When you’ve found it, let others in on the secret too.

Love planet Venus turns direct in your sign today, so any relationship problems you’ve had these past few weeks will now right themselves and everyone will be happy again. Hit the night spots this coming weekend. You’ve got plenty to celebrate.



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