I am all eyes and ears

fire_meaney1I am all eyes and ears


The screen is coming out fine but as you can see at the bottom of the letter, I am running into what can become a major problem and it is totally unnecessary and is total negligence.  That is my main concern today.


Aside from my present and immediate problem, I had no idea I had so many haters, that want to keep me in their place or station in life, I had no idea and what surprised me is the people in my corner you would think would be the haters.  I do not know what to say.  There are people who think I do not deserve Janet Jackson or a successful career and life and then there are those who think I am reaching too high and should not associate myself with the Janet’s and Alicia’s which are the heart of my family.  I guess when people start putting you down coming out of their faces all wrong, you know you are moving forward.


I am all eyes and ears, but this problem mentioned below has to be resolved ASAP.  I cannot work under these conditions again, we went through this last year and I had to buy an AC due to a heat wave that killed people, this is not s joke and it is not funny anymore if it ever was.  I am too uncomfortable to do this right now!


Important Note:


I am under some stress now, my AC is blowing hot air and they are taking too long to put in the work order to have it replaced.  I already spoke to the head on maintenance when I saw him at central office, someone in the chain in my opinion is being negligent because I passed out last night and fell and could have harmed my equipment or worst myself, this is directly effecting the work I put out now.  My sleep patterns are screwed up.  I thought this was worth mentioning in case I become belligerent, you will know ahead of time the source to my aggressive behavior. 


With Mercury linking to Saturn on your birthday you will be in a serious frame of mind over the coming 12 months. That’s good. These are serious times and people who think deeply are the ones most likely to prosper. But you’re still allowed to smile.

You will learn something that changes your life for the better today. It may seem a rather insignificant matter to begin with but over the next few weeks it will grow in importance. Keep your eyes and ears open – what you see and hear will astound you.


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