Love, Obsession and Artistic Pursuit

paul-and-janet3Love, Obsession and Artistic Pursuit


It seems to me that affection is an action and passion is a reaction that can be in your favor only if invited.  To love someone is one thing and another to become obsessed with that love you have for them and getting the two twisted may not be a good thing.  Take Janet for an example, she got love and obsession twisted, she said she did not want a man to love her and be crazy over her, she found a correlation between love and crazy over, like most women she wants to be loved but this thing you call passion a fan is passionate, but it is said a man should love his wife, it does not say be crazed and/or preoccupied because it can end in disaster.  I prefer to be meek, because I was once told if it is meant to be it will happen.  I do not go anywhere I am not invited a lesson I learned the hard why.


I told a woman I find her to be flirtatious, she said I am actually shy, I ask her how does two shy people get together, when nobody makes the first move?  She said she does not know.  With Janet I made the first second and third move, all she has to do is open the door. But obsession that is a move not in my repertoire not even for Janet, she will not receive me as a fan, in fact if she wants me to be a real fan she has to perform some of my songs, I do not like most of her material, I like her music selection in the past, but…


Finally on the subject of music, I and my friend Oral was talking over the phone yesterday, we were best of friends for many years and now we are on speaking terms again, but that there was a conflict but separate journeys.  We were molding in music at the same time and we both agree that the music today sucks but how the words are sung gets it by and he said I still have the touch for making good music; his words were he told someone “Paul is still bad.”  My point; when it comes to lyrics he can hear this as I can hear about 20 instruments at one time in rhythm, I can put together music so complex yet so simple, meaning simple beats with over 20 things happening at once as you will constantly hear something different as you listen to it over and over again, where for example my nephew can hear 6 or 7 instruments which is great for Hip Hop. 


He was asked what kind of screenplay was I writing, because I had to get off the phone I was busy, I said a good one.  He asks was there any domestic violence in it….


With Venus and Mars conjoined on your anniversary you can expect affairs of the heart to take on even more importance than usual. You can also expect to make progress in some kind of artistic pursuit. Follow your dream – and bring it to life.

You seem more inclined than usual to take risks and with Venus and Mars, the relationship planets, coming together in your birth sign over the next 24 hours the most important risk you can take is with your love life. Affection’s fine but passion’s fabulous.




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