Here is a bone

obama-official-photoHere is a bone


I do not know Janet can wish everybody and anybody a happy birthday, but on my birthday she intentionally omitted a simple happy birthday.  Did it matter in practicality yes, did it bother me yes, but I accepted her upbringing, but this behavior is not universal it just applies to me.  So what is new, we all know to about everything in life I have been made desensitized and take it like a grain of salt, but for some reason I let her get under my skin and because of that you let her loose to be a distraction, then you say man be focused.  Boy do you have game?


We all know I do not get compensated for my well intended suggestions and I have been paying President Obama’s agenda no attention to include his trip to Latin America.  But you keep sending my million dollar checks in someone else’s box can you dig it?  Tell me one reason why I should focus on your problems?  What Janet this and Janet that, we been there and done that!  Focus on what is important to whose benefit?


After I finish this screenplay “Everybody has Demons,” I plan to make a few songs using my latest technology, if I am upset I will make mad music.  Then I plan to write a documentary that has dramatization and I just might film it on a camcorder, it will be about Frank Paul Gambino as described on my Wikipedia User page.  If I am not going to get paid I may as well stockpile my own works and spend my time on what I enjoy doing and that to me is what is important.


Now they say that is the black people that President Obama is just a black face on the Illuminati, meaning he is carrying out the same agenda as his white predecessor.  I will give you a bone, Obama’s decision with Cuba is a mistake, and either goes all the way or not at all.  Open trade or keep the blockade.  More movement without full trade means more cocaine in Miami and more money leaving to Cuba from Miami in the process and withdraw troops from Iraq and buildup on the southern border of the United States and prepare to invade cocaine producing countries in Central and South America, use satellite technology and seek and destroy 90% of the fields and production centers and allow them to invest their money they have already made in international trade.  Will you do this, probably not because it is too practical?  So what do you want me to do cosign your bullshit?


Try not to get angry when things go wrong, as they always do in this life. Accept the situation for what it is and accept both yourself and other people for whom and what you are. A more forgiving attitude will bring peace and prosperity over the coming 12 months.

Mars, planet of ego and energy, leaves your birth sign today and because of that it will pay you to be a bit more careful about how you use your resources, the most precious of which is your time. Focus only on what is important.


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