It’s a Plutonic Business Professional Relationship

imag01955It’s a Plutonic Business Professional Relationship


I do not know, but I met someone who wants to work with me and I can use the help and the relations require photography and motions videos in the near future and the relationship is plutonic, but the photos and videos will be explicit.  I just passed it by Janet, so it does not get twisted, I trust her without a choice of the matter, so she can trust me.  This relationship is strictly business unlike her claims of her and JD, I remember reading something about he is the best lover she ever had.  This is just one more project of many to keep me busy.


I do not run the streets I am becoming strictly business, I was invited to a party of an old friend, but I made it clear I am strictly business, but now that I think about it I will be in a business relationship with a model, amateur at the moment, but still willing and maybe a date here and there might be a good thing, I mean she wants me to manage her and isn’t that what manager do they date their talent and party with their employees, at least that is the case of Jermaine and Janet and friends or has been and I hear they are still at it.


But at the moment I am really trying to complete this screenplay, I just want to complete the first draft then we will edit it.  I should get my nephews compilations Albums today, he gave his permission to burn them and exploit, it will be a month or two before I get around to that, I have to finish the screenplay and then make a few new songs and master my other nephews material.


This has little to do with my dreams and everything to do with an opportunity knocking on my door and has nothing to do with getting back at Janet it is strictly professional. Maybe I might write my model into a sex scene in a screenplay that is what she wants to do.  That is something I do not plan for Janet and that is the difference.  So do not get it twisted.  But I might be seen with my model more in the future because we have a lot to talk about, business of course!


The more cautious you have been in the past the more reckless you will be in the future – and that’s a good thing. Too many times you have held back from following your dream because you thought others might not approve. Who cares what they think? Do it.

Don’t sit still or stay in one place. Today’s Sun-Pluto aspect is encouraging you to break free of the bonds that have been holding you back and strike out in a new direction. The fun you have while on the move easily trumps the security of staying at home.




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