Credit, Making a Living & Obsessed debuts

Credit, Making a Living & Obsessed debuts


janet-rock-wit-chu-posterWhy more Credit and so little Cash?


I am being offered a lot of credit, but I have what I need and have to pay down on the debt which I can currently afford.  If I took half of the credit being offered to me, I would have to work 60 hours per week to maintain myself and would not enjoy a damn thing I buy.  Do you really want me to work 60 hours a week, when I already do for you and Janet uncompensated?  I do not need more credit I need compensation, for what I already do.  I can think of a few small things I could use to enhance my studio of music and writing programs, but more money has to come in first.  You’ll are trying to dig me a hole that will require more hours of employment and less time on my projects. Why?


imag0119Just Trying to make a living


Then Janet says end it, I did not start anything, that project has not even gotten of the floor.  Why cannot I be a manager?  Why cannot I have my acts pose nude and all that crazy shit and resist the temptation of their nude bodies is not that what Janet is claiming she was able to do as the model and Jermaine Dupri the manager?  I am just trying to make a living, you’ll seem to think I should not be paid, but there are plenty of acts out there that are hungry, willing, and able and will pay me for my management skills.  The hell with more credit, compensate me or leave me be in making a living.


obsessed1Obsessed debuts this weekend


Obsessed starring Beyonce Knowles, Ali Larter and Idris Elba, who played Springer Bell in the hit series that was on HBO the Wire, debuts at a theater near you on Friday 24 April 2009.  The Wire all 5 seasons are now on sale for about $39.99 per season I would buy all 5 season on double density DVD’s for about $79.99 but as for now the price is too high.  And Beyonce will start her I AM tour soon.  It will begin in Madison Square Garden 21 June 2009.  Unfortunately Obsessed is on the black market already but so is X-Men Wolverine, which comes out next week, so more people might watch Obsessed the weekend of X-Men’s release because of its piracy availability.


You don’t have to be aggressive to get what you want and with Venus, planet of harmony, changing signs on your birthday you will soon learn that charm works so much better than coercion. If you get the chance, help others to recognize that fact as well.

Forget about being careful with the dollars and cents today because you’ll be in the mood to spend, spend, and spend. Some might say that is not a very responsible attitude to have in these hard-pressed times but if it cheers you up it’s cheap at twice the price.


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