Exploiting Empty Shells

janet-42Exploiting Empty Shells


The reason why people like Janet Jackson and Prince, the Time Band and even perhaps Michael Jackson are having a hard time finding a major label contract is not the lack of talent or a genuine fan base, but because  the industry wants empty brains with a good voice, they do want to do business with artist that know the business, they want to exploit dumb kids and not veteran artist who will demand their fair share.  Take the industry’s big night!


There was time when celebrity status meant something it meant a real fan base.  There was a time when the Grammy’s meant a fashion statement of the true Hollywood and stars.  Now it is a bunch of one night wonders, urban artist being true to the game in jeans hanging off of their ass and Beverly Hillbillies rich looking penniless, not to forget Rock Stars looking like it is just another day out at the shopping Mall.  They took the reward out of awards, which was one night of fantasy.  Is it because of the lack of sponsorship?


The record industry is not what it used to be, the piracy industry is a major factor in the poor sales as the business is becoming lackluster.  The true culprit is the RIAA, mentioned in another article so we do not have to go there again.   But the bottom line applies here as it applies in America in a whole, we have to manufacture our own goods once again and stop outsourcing everything that requires labor.  The American worker is the best consumer of American products



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