The First Draft of “Everybody has Demons”

janet-alicia1The First Draft of “Everybody has Demons”


I should have an edited version of the first draft of my latest screenplay ready to send to the Library of congress and to be registered the writers Guild by Sunday evening.  I think I can do it if I concentrate; I rested last night, because I wanted to approach the conclusion with a fresh head.  The main characters were written for Janet and Alicia and a great supporting role I think would be fitting for Beyonce, I think the all star cast would give this screenplay a buzz at the movies.  However evolved was a role for a young male.  It is an interesting screen that has to be adjusted, because some of the intended scenes have been omitted and others included.


I received my first package from my nephew; I should receive the compilation albums today.  He sent me a bunch of beats, but I cannot do but so much at one time.  Right now I have so many ideas for the screen as I have been adding twists throughout the screen I come up with another one.  I want the conclusion to be open ended to leave room for a sequel.  Let me get to work.  Like I said this is not a horror film but is about the character defects and how keeping them a secret can destroy your life and there are a few twists.


A new moon on your birthday will give you the drive to get things done and the determination to make sure they stay done. Any person who threatens to hold you back from fulfilling your potential will be banished from your life with no regrets.


You will be on the go constantly this weekend. Not only will you be aiming to get all your work tasks finished but you will put yourself about a bit socially too. Some time next week you will have to reward yourself with a well earned rest but, for now, keep going.



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