Janet Says Don’t Make Nude Videos & More

durty-grounds-ent0002Janet Says Don’t Make Nude Videos & More


I received this message a few hours ago and fell out due to too much heat.  I guess Janet thinks one of my projects is not a good idea (The video shoots of a nude woman) and she probably right that it contradicts what I stand for, but what is consistent in my life but hope by dreams over hopelessness due to hard times, how long do you expect people to believe and what most of them believe is bullshit and offensive, when the world is crumbling before them; for how long can you simply say it will get better when it keeps getting worst?


Hot Conditions:


I am hot in this apartment and building, they plan to install new air conditioners throughout the building but we are without AC’s throughout the building and I find it hard to work under these conditions.  They are scheduling based on Mother Nature’s seasons but she is not playing by the rules so we have to suffer?  I realize a $100 million corporation has to use due diligence when planning large spending project towards the end of the fiscal year, but some things are emergencies and this is one of them.


Screenplay on Schedule:


I proofread the screenplay and I reached a conclusion that can be left open ended to setup a sequel. I just have to seal it in the closing not to solve every issue but cover them since they were mentioned earlier in the screen.  I think I will try to finish the screen today and register it online with the Writers Guild and back it up with the Library of Congress, and then I will play with the recording studio.


Back to the studio:


My nephew’s material is arriving and I have permission to burn it, plus he sent some musical compositions, in the Hip Hop and R&B Genre.  I plan to make at least 4 new songs and rerecord the vocal tracks to a few song I recently did using my new technology.  This should be my focus until the beginning of the summer.  Contrary to popular belief I am grounded and on or ahead of schedule.  I think my latest screen is Hollywood friendly unlike the first one and very intriguing and will leave people wanting more without feeling cheated


Documentary Video:


This summer I want to write and make a home video of a documentary about Frank Paul Gambino based on my user page on Wikipedia.com.  It will be dramatized, it should be fun.  Other than this excruciating hot ass apartment I am content for person without an active partner.  It is hot man and ridicules must I say! 


A Mars-Pluto aspect on your birthday will bring challenges aplenty over the coming 12 months, but the biggest challenge will be to stay positive when everyone around you seems to be losing hope. They need someone to lead them. That someone is you.


You cannot go on at this frenetic pace. It’s not so much physical exhaustion you have to worry about as mental exhaustion. Your mind is full of so many contradictory ideas that it’s tiring just trying to keep track of them all. It is time to clear out the old brain box.


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