Registered, Copyrights & New Projects

imag01956Registered, Copyrights & New Projects




In the absence of an active partner, it may sound strange but staying busy is what brings me the most joy, especially when it results in an accomplishment.  The screenplay “Everybody has Demons,” is registered with the Writers Guild and the first draft is actually a third draft with very few if any inconsistencies.  I think it has fine roles for Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Beyonce Knowles as well as other great roles and it could set the stage for a young black man to become a star.  Being I dealt with complex characters I think I did a fine job unraveling the dramas.  It deserved to be picked up it is embedded with many lessons.  I have to copyright it for longevity protection, the Writers Guild acts as an interim protection of 5 years I believe.  I think it might go something like this “Black Sunday,” based on the screenplay “Everybody has Demons,” written by…




…To my surprise my nephew and his crew out of the south is very talented, it will take work copyrighting some of the material, because they sample artist but these are mixed albums.  I would really like someone in the genre to listen to it, or for Janet to make my nephew a subsidiary of her label once everything is ironed out.  Her name recognition would give them a shot if she presents them.  I do not really like rap but I enjoy listening this stuff, I suggested they cut down on some of the profanity, but it is all good.


New Projects:


I am about to try to get into my music the next two months, I have some new technology to include hardware and software, that I have not challenged yet.  I plan to rerecord older songs and make a few new ones, actually they are all new because they are unheard by the public.  I might stick with the music thing longer than 2 months but I do want to make a documentary that is dramatized about Frank Paul Gambino as described on my User page, that will be meant for entertainment as real truths are revealed, but only those with eyes will be able to see this.  I am not boring or bored, I just cannot do but so much as a solo act, do I have to elaborate?


All things must change. If you can accept the truth of that statement you have a wonderful year ahead of you. If, however, you allow the stubborn side of your nature to get the better of you life will be a constant struggle. Work with change – it can be fun.


Focus only on things that bring a smile to your face today, and for the rest of the week. The Sun in Taurus at this time of year highlights fun activities such as travel and social occasions, so get out and about and spread some light and laughter.


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