I need people to get out of my way

janet-photosI need people to get out of my way


I am trying to network at this point; it seems as if Janet had to fall on her face to finally pay me attention.  I had made her about 150 beats and 35 songs before her last release and volunteered to be her money collector on her tour, if she would have given me a chance she would have gotten paid, been respected on tour and had a hit album, but she went with Jermaine Dupri, but now I need family and friends to make my projects work, but so did she.  She turned against her own family to run around with that punk ass bitch, I tell you the truth love can hurt.  All those things about love are not emotions they are actions words contrary to how you feel, love is do list.


I think the screen is good and easy to film because of how it was written, I want Denzel Washington to bring the actress out of those women I chose for leading roles.  I heard Beyonce was terrible on Obsessed; I want Denzel to bring the best out of them if he takes the job.  It is like people wanted to see Beyonce and it was a bad movie so either they loved Beyonce or hated the movie of both.  I want my story artistically told well.


See I know that the real deal is you’ll are trying to hold me down for whatever reason and that is what is holding up me works and that is why she did not accept my offer to go on tour with her.  So it is not that I need help as much as I need people to get the hell out of my way, the games I am tired of.


You will experience as many downs as ups over the coming 12 months but overall you are heading in the right direction, so don’t lose heart – and don’t stop striving. You need a certain amount of conflict in your life. Without it progress would be slow.


If you want to make something of a project that is close to your heart you’ll need to get support from your family and friends. Looking ahead there are obstacles in your path and you won’t be able to tackle them all on your own.

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