Beyonce’s Love Scenes ruined Obsessed

beyonce-janet-alicia0004Beyonce’s Love Scenes ruined Obsessed

 I have not seen the movie yet, but got the word from my sister that Beyonce did a fine job until the love scenes which she was not into.  My questions was if she did not want to do the love scenes why did they include it, was it necessary, I mean in the Movie with Tyler Perry in why did we get married with Janet nobody was required to do explicit love scenes and the movie was great.  I can say the same about my upcoming movie, with role for Alicia, Janet and Beyonce.

 I was told the movie would have been much better minus the love s scenes not that Idris Elba is ugly or old, but maybe Beyonce felt the scene made her feel dirty and it was like cheating on Jay-Z.  I was told in the movies if you take your clothes off once you never get to put them back on.  It is one thing to talk dirty and allude to dirty acts on the big screen and another to even pretend to love make with someone else when you are really in love.  Beyonce tried to demand her honor for Jay-Z!

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  1. The “love scene” was extremely chaste…full clothes and it was very brief. So, I’m not sure your argument holds up.

    • Do I have to go see the movie just to find out what my sister is talking about? This is third hand info, my sister said she did not think Beyonce was into it, because it would have been like cheating on Jay-Z, and the movie would have been better without the love scene. Like I said it was third hand info, I do not know, I mentioned my sister in the article, so the posting stays up maybe my sister need to explain her? It is woman’s talk

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